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Founded in 2018 with the pursuit for human and global health, GenBody Indonesia, bring technology to advance domestic production of medical devices.

GenBody Indonesia was established in 2018 with the spirit to be the number 1 company produces diagnostic tests in Indonesia. We are a branch company of GenBody Inc. from South Korea, one of the companies in the world that is growing fast in medical industry. GenBody Inc. create innovative technologies for the development of raw materials for diagnostic use such as rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs), fluorescent immuno-diagnostic tests, ELISA, molecular diagnostic tests (MDx) and clinical chemistry. With over 20 years experience in R&D which is our core strength, we specialize in developing monoclonal antibodies and recombinant antigens in-house at our facility in South Korea.
Our mission is “BRING TECHNOLOGY TO YOUR LIFE”. We continuously develop innovative diagnostics and pharmaceutical technologies for improving your quality of life.
We are now presented in Indonesia to give valuable contribution for our beloved country. Our main purpose is to improve the quality of Indonesian people’s health. We produce high quality rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) with much low and affordable price. We manufactured the RDTs in Indonesia with high local content, which makes us different from other companies. We have a dream that all people could have a convenient access to do the early diagnostic, so you could take the right and accurate medications right away. This will help many people in Indonesia to have a better health life, and Indonesia could become a better country in the world.


Joseph Christian
CEO GenBody Indonesia